The Wedding Films

Each C&W Productions wedding film is crafted for each couple. Our goal is to capture the day you planned as it is–beautiful, authentic, and full of joy. Our documentary style of filmmaking takes you into the couple’s world, showcasing their love and the very special people in it. Story is key and to ensure that we capture and tell it as it’s meant to be told, each wedding is led by a producer who are in close contact with the couple. She will know them best and will be overseeing everything from the timeline, interviews, and every detail on the day of the wedding and before. On your wedding day, we strive to be unobtrusive and pay special respect to the ambiance you have carefully planned.

Your wedding highlight will be what you watch five to ten times in one sitting. It summarizes your wedding day set to music. It runs about three to five minutes and is comprised of your editor’s favorite video. Marie, your producer and director is the only person that edits a wedding highlight. These are very special to her.

The feature film is at least fifteen minutes in length and is a longer piece that features the key moments of your day. The edit of this film tend to be non-linear and is driven by the sights and sounds of your day. To view a sample of a feature film, please fill out the contact form and we will be more than happy to send you a link!

Couples receive un-edited raw footage on an external hard drive when we are commissioned to capture a wedding. For additional fees, some opt to get full edits of their ceremony, reception, toasts, or detail montages. They would have much longer pieces edited together on their final DVD. Please contact us to see samples of full edits.